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  1. System Requirements
  2. Installation
  3. Starting the game
  4. IMPORTANT: Read before you play
  5. How to Play
  6. Game Modes

System Requirements Return to Top
Windows XP SP2 or later.
VBS2: We do not have rights to redistribute VBS2, only our plugin and mission files, so you must have at least version 1.3 installed on your computer. Out game has not been tested on versions later than 1.3.

Installation Return to Top
Run both installers and choose the default options. If you are running Windows 7 be sure to allow access to your hard drive to the installer.

Starting the game Return to Top

  1. Start the NonKin server.
    1. Run the CSMManager application from the desktop icon or start menu link created during the install process. If you are on Windows 7, be sure to run the application as administrator (Right click -> Run as Administrator) otherwise the application will hang indefinitely
    2. A window should appear and then minimize this is the NonKin server.
  2. Start VBS2 in administrator mode.
    1. Run C:\Bohemia Interactive\VBS2 VTK\VBS2 VTK Administrator.bat
    2. Change the floating zone to zero (Recommended)
      1. Open the controls dialog from the options menu.
      2. Drag the slider for the "Floating Zone" all the way to the left.
    3. Click on the "Training Scenarios" option in the top left and select the small_20AgentDailyLife mission. Click the Start or Restart button to the right of the mission list to begin the mission.

IMPORTANT: Read before you play Return to Top
Please read this entire page before playing, as it tells you some common glitches that occur in VBS2 as well as how to play our game.

How To Play: General Instructions Return to Top

How to talk to someone.

  1. Walk up to character and place the cursor over them. A vbs2 context menu should appear in the lower right hand corner with a set of options.
  2. Scroll the mouse wheel to select either the "Talk" or "Interact" options.
    •     "Talk" means to have a general interaction with the character. You can talk about a variety of themes with anyone, depending on their status and location.
    •     "Interact" means to have a specific plot conversation. This conversation will advance the game forward. You can ususally only find this option on the Captain, who gives you your mission orders.
  3. A black box should appear on the bottom half of the screen. This is the conversation dialog. When there are options in the main list box (center) it is your turn to talk. Choose a dialog option by clicking on it once and then click the "Speak" button on the lower right hand side.
  4. Dialog options with square brackets around them are not spoken dialog, but a way to change the conversations context and get a new branch of conversation.
  5. A conversation branch can be exited by speaking the "I would like to talk about something else" option.
  6. A conversation can be exited by selecting the "Sorry, I have to go." option
  7. If you are presented with an empty list box for dialog selection for a long time, click on the box or scroll up and you should see the list of dialog options. VBS2 does not automatically scroll back up when a list box is cleared.

What to talk to someone about.

  1. Begin a conversation with someone.
  2. Greet them using a polite salutation, such as "Salim Aleikum".
  3. Talk to them about general themes, start out with Basic questions..
  4. Ask them their name, age etc.
  5. Move to more personal questions, talk about their group and their relations with other groups.
  6. Talk about their view of the village.

If at any point, you receive "I have nothing to say". This signifies that the agent is not willing to tell you their answer for some reason, most likely they do not trust you yet. Try talking to them about other things, or talking to others and coming back to them later.
Familiarity is accelerated in this game due to the scope and intended play time of our demo. A real game would have these interactions take place over days. rather than one day.

How to move between the village and the FOB.

  1. Regardless of whether you are in the FOB or the Village, there should be a Jeep that can take you to your destination.
  2. Walk up to the truck, place the reticle over it and scroll the middle mouse wheel to bring up the context menu, just like you did when trying to talk to an agent.
  3. You should be presented with normal VBS2 options (take ammo, interact with vehicle etc) along with two other actions, "Take me to Village" and "Take me to FOB".
  4. Choose the option with the destination you wish and the truck should take you there
  5. Once at your destination, you can then use the context menu (middle mouse wheel) to select the "Get Out" or "Eject" options. They may be below the current menu, forcing you to scroll further down.

  6. Finding people you have met

    1. Place your reticle over someone (be sure to not have your weapon out, as this would cause them to cower away from you).
    2. A small dialog should appear in the top right telling you the details you know about that agent.
    3. Sometimes, if you need to find a specific agent that you already know (to detain them) a green arrow will appear over their head.

    Entering and exiting a house

    1. If you wish to enter or exit a house, move to the front door. You should be presented with one of two options .
      •     Allowed Entry: Option when someone is home to let you in. This will teleport you inside of the house.
      •      Forced Entry: Option when someone is not home. You force your way in (generating a transgression).
      •     Leave Location: Option when you are inside a house. This will teleport you outside of the house
    2. Use this only when you need to enter a house to detain or talk to someone, as the houses are quite small and you will occasionally get stuck.

    Using the Rucksack

    1. Once you have exited VBS2, open the Rucksack - Assessments application from the link on your desktop.
    2. Click on the Assessment button on the right side control panel to bring up the assessment page.
    3. Click the "Run" button and review your performance.

    Strategies/Game Modes Return to Top

    Click to show.

    Short Play (Economics 101 - Show me the money)    

    1. Wait for the "Connecting" screen to dissappear
    2. Move around the FOB and talk to the Captain. Use the "Interact" option to get your first mission's orders.
    3. Walk to the jeep in front of the FOB and use the context menu to have it take you to the village
    4. Once in the village walk around and talk to people to find out their names, groups and feelings
    5. When you have generated sufficient familiarity with the agent through small talk, you can ask them economic related questions. Do so.
    6. When you feel you have gathered a sufficient amount of information, return to the jeep and take it to the FOB
    7. Talk to the captain to end your mission
    8. This will trigger a sim ahead to occur. This process simulates the village for 8 weeks. This may take up to a minute to complete.
      •     Our meta layer is set up with extremely corrupt institutions that will most likely lead to an economic downturn in the village over that period of time.
      •     Look for differences in the village on your second mission. (Changes in behavior/actions of villagers, their locations, their responses to economic questions etc)
    9. Talk to the captain again to begin your second mission
    10. Take the jeep to the village and make a second round.
    11. Talk to villagers. Be sure to note differences in their responses, especially with their perception of the village's economic state.
    12. Return to the FOB and complete the mission.
    13. The game is complete, run the rucksack assessments to see how you did.

    Long Play (Relations & Social Nets 101 - The good, the bad and the ugly)    [-]

    1. Wait for the "Connecting" screen to dissappear
    2. Move around the FOB and talk to the Captain. Use the "Interact" option to get your first mission's orders.
    3. Walk to the jeep in front of the FOB and use the context menu to have it take you to the village
    4. Once in the village walk around and talk to people to find out their names, groups and feelings.
      •     Be sure to talk to everyone in the village. Find out who the leaders are.
      •     Depending on how nice you are to people (not committing verbal transgressions) they will tell you more and more private things. Things that they may have kept secret from you had they just met you.
      •     Once you find out the name of a leader, try to find them.
      •     Talk to the leader and try to gain a sufficient familiarity with them.
      •     Once you think you have endeared yourself to the leader, ask them about taliban activity in the area, if you have succeeded in gaining the trust of the leader, they will tell you about a local insurgent.
    5. Find and detain the insurgent. There should be a green arrow above his head.
    6. The game is complete, run the rucksack assessments to see how you did.