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National Heart Attack Alert Program
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Heart Sense Game is a role playing game in which you help the hero try to solve a crime and simultaneously rescue his career and find romance. However, as the hero, some of the many characters you might get clues from, need your help to deal with heart attacks before they or others can help you. Since, for their own reasons, they often don't believe they are having a heart attack or don't want to take care of it promptly, there are significant obstacles to helping these characters to help themselves.  And if you prefer to harm these characters, you are free to do so, but watch out, your own future will be effected as well!

You my need to download and install the Macromedia Shockwave plugin for your browser (This is NOT Flash plugin), and the game requires that you allow it to install the Amplitude plugin by Marmalade Media. Don't forget the speakers or headphones. NOTE: the Shockwave plugin is poorly supported in browsers as of 2011. Even with Shockwave installed Heart Sense currently only works on Windows 32 bit (i.e. not Windows 7) and in the Firefox and Chrome browsers. Mac will not work, and Internet Explorer may not work, depending on security settings.

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