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ACASA Email Chaos Halted

We have just undergone a most unusual and unpleasant computing experience.

Somehow, a message was sent to the ACASA mailing list which bypassed the list's security and went out to thousands of list members. About 10% of the recipients replied to this message, and their replies also bypassed list security and went out to everyone on the list. This created thousands of further email messages to list members. Although many members did not receive these messages due to company firewalls, many did, and this caused an enormous inconvenience.

We want to extend our most sincere apologies for this mess. Though initially outside our control, it was extremely upsetting for our members as well as our organization.

Please be assured that the problem is being resolved: the list has been temporarily disabled and is being completely revamped so that it will never be vulnerable to such an incident again.

Please check back soon for further updates. We greatly value your support during this incident and look forward to resuming regular communications in the near future.